Easter is Coming & So Is Our 3rd Annual Daily Devotional Lesson Plan || Free Open & Go Printable

Holy Week is coming, which means our FREE Open & Go Easter Season Daily Devotional will be available soon! These 2 FREE printable lesson plans will lead you through the events in the Bible surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, spiritually preparing you and your family for the true and sacred focus of Easter.

Video Chapters

0:00 Intro
0:21 Free Open & Go Lesson Plan
0:33 There are 2 versions!
0:43 Old Testament Insights
1:03 When should I release the Lesson Plan Video?
1:28 Where to get the printable

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New Testament ONLY EMAIL LIST:
New Testament + Book of Mormon + Come Follow Me EMAIL LIST:

The 2022 Lesson Plan and Video are READY!

2020 video for a DETAILED look at both lesson plans:

2021 video will give you a peak at and cliff notes of the lesson plans:

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