FREE Printable Daily Devotional Lesson Plan || Easter Holy Week 2022

Holy Week is the week leading up to Easter Sunday (4/17/22) and it begins on the Sunday before (4/10/21) which is referred to as Palm Sunday.

These 2 FREE printable lesson plans will lead you through the events in the Bible surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, spiritually preparing you and your family for the true and sacred focus of Easter.

I know that not everyone shares ALL of our beliefs as a members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints BUT ALL CHRISTIANS study the Bible and Christ’s life + teachings, so I have created 2 lesson plans to be able to serve every who wants to join us in what has become a beloved tradition for our family.

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Video Chapters

0:00 Intro to Lesson Plan
0:21 Where you can get the lesson plan & what is included in both versions
0:30 New Testament Only Version layout
0:43 Passover Feast Activity
1:26 Scripture References & Art Suggestions
1:36 Gospel Art Kit
1:59 Online Art Access
2:18 Gospel Art Book
2:33 Scripture Videos & Music access
2:50 New Testament + Book of Mormon + Come Follow Me Version intro
3:16 Version 2 layout
3:28 Come Follow Me Individuals & Families Manual
4:04 Home Seminary effect
4:21 JESUS AND THE NEPHITES: The First Easter in the New World Flip-through

Get the PDF Here

New Testament ONLY Version:

New Testament + Book of Mormon + Come Follow Me Version:

Playlists for the Videos in the Lesson Plan

New Testament ONLY Version:

New Testament + Book of Mormon + Come Follow Me Version:

Product Links

*Deseret Book:

JESUS AND THE NEPHITES: The First Easter in the New World
*Deseret Book:

DONT MISS THIS IMMANUEL EASTER CARDS – The Living Christ, The Testimony of the Apostles

Don’t Miss This has released a free printable that helps you study the Living Christ during Holy Week (April 10th-17th), and names of Christ, giving you another time of year to bring out the Immanuel Wreath!

For some reason I can not embed the short I created for this item, but if you want to see it here’s the link:

The printable is found in their email newsletter which you can sign up for on their website: (it’s about midway down on the homepage)

*Need an Immanuel Wreath?

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