Draw Write Now Books 1-8 Boxed Set Flip Through || Drawing and Handwriting Practice Curriculum

“Begin with a drawing. The child draws a subject, then completes the picture using their own creative ideas and techniques. Then, write… Drawing makes writing practice fun!

Simply introduce letter formation and basic sentence structure or focus on carefully practicing and developing handwriting skills. Or, use the drawing as a prompt to strengthen other language art skills: composition, creative writing, grammar and speech.

…and learn about the world. Each book in the series, Draw Write Now, Books 1-8, is a unit study which introduce history, science, social studies and geography. The themes are broad and appear simple, but are actually quite full. The lessons often spark an interest in further study.” –

Video Chapters

0:00 Intro
0:48 Book 1 – On the Farm, Kids and Critters, Storybook Characters
1:48 Book 2 – Christopher Columbus, Autumn Harvest, The Weather
2:37 Book 3 – Native Americans, North America, The Pilgrims
3:43 Book 4 – The Polar Regions, The Arctic, The Antarctic
4:37 Book 5 – The United States, From Sea to Sea, Moving Forward & why we didn’t get the cursive set
5:34 Book 6 – Animals and Habitats: On Land, Pond and Rivers (freshwater), Oceans (saltwater)
6:42 Book 7 – Animals of the World, Part 1 (Forest Animals): Tropical, Northern Forests, Down Under
7:46 Book 8 – Animals of the World, Part 2: Savanna (Tropical Grasslands), Temperate Grasslands, Mountain and Desert
8:31 The notebooks we use for this curriculum

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