How I Use Home Seminary || FREE Come Follow Me 2022 Lesson Plan Outlines for Daily Scripture Study

Now that you understand what Home Seminary is, here’s how I use the lesson plans, as well as some ideas of how I would use them even if I wasn’t the one creating them. 😉 We hope that you find joy in your “adventure” through the Old Testament this year!

Video Chapters

0:00 Intro
0:29 How I like to use my lesson plan outlines
0:58 Opening Song ideas
1:16 Why I use both physical AND digital manuals & magazines
1:57 How I would use Home Seminary if I wasn’t the one creating the lesson plan outlines
3:38 Completely digital option
4:00 Printed lesson plan ideas
5:00 Ideas for taking Home Seminary on the go
5:28 Do a lesson with us video?

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The Lesson Plan Outlines are released weekly and FREE to access at:

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What is Drawn In?

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