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Choose your own adventure in any stage of life: no kids, one/many little kids, only teens, or a wide range of ages! Introducing Home Seminary, a product of On The Same Page Together. We are excited to share Come Follow Me Lesson Plan Outlines for daily scripture study using mostly* church provided resources. We can’t wait to study the Old Testament with you in 2022!

Our goal is to organize the prompts from the Come Follow Me manuals as well as articles from the Liahona, For the Strength of Youth, and Friend magazines into daily lesson outlines that you can use to study with, or help you prepare a lesson to teach your family.

Use as much, or as little, as the Spirit directs for YOUR study.

Video Chapters

0:00 Intro
0:21 My Testimony of Come, Follow Me
0:52 I want to help those who don’t have time to plan!
1:30 What is Home Seminary?
2:09 Where can you find Home Seminary?
2:22 How to use the website
3:12 Choose your own adventure!
4:14 How to use the lesson portion of the outline
6:56 Let the Holy Spirit guide
7:48 Use it for individual study! Open & Go?
8:20 Sunday layout
8:41 When are the Lesson Plan Outlines released?
8:58 Access it on your phone!

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The Lesson Plan Outlines are released weekly and FREE to access at:

* there are a few optional resources – not provided by the church – that we love using, which tie together everything we’re learning really well, so we want to share them with you. See the Resources page for more info:

Come Follow Me Series Playlist

Here’s how I personally use the Home Seminary Lesson Plan Outlines:

See how we use Come Follow Me and fit in our studies on the go:

Plan a week of lessons with Elaine.

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