A Close Look at Every DON’T MISS THIS Product for 2022 || Flip Throughs in Less Than a Minute

We created a series of YouTube Shorts to give you a close look at all of the 2022 Come Follow Me supplemental study helps Don’t Miss This has released, to decide for yourself if they are a good fit for YOU.

We include David & Emily’s weekly YouTube/Podcast episode in our Home Seminary lesson plan outlines, and we are excited to incorporate ALL of their 2022 products into OUR family/personal study of the Old Testament this year! {Home Seminary is a choose-your-own-adventure weekly lesson plan outline for daily scripture study with Come Follow Me, designed to take the overwhelm of planning out of the equation and encourage home centered Gospel learning. Learn more at}

This post contains Affiliate Links noted with * – meaning if you make a purchase through these links we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you – see full disclaimer here {Thank you for your support!!}

A Word A Week || Old Testament Posters with Hebrew Words

“A simple way for you to study every day. This Word A Week poster box includes 26- 12”x 18” Double-sided posters with one word, one verse and one quote on each poster. Supplement your study of the Old Testament with these posters made to go with Don’t Miss This.” -DMT

*Deseret Book:

*Deseret Book:

2022 Journal || A Companion to Your Come Follow Me Old Testament Study

“Inside you’ll find prompts for taking notes, recording doctrinal insights, and keeping track of the context and content of your Come, Follow Me study. Perfect for your family study and for individuals of all ages, the Don’t Miss This Old Testament Study Journal, created in partnership with LDSLiving, begins with a weekly study schedule and is filled with fun and interactive study guide sheets that complement the Don’t Miss This weekly YouTube videos.” -DMT

*Deseret Book:

Old Testament Timeline || A Interactive Companion to Your Come Follow Me Study

“[David Butler & Emily Belle Freeman] wanted to make this year’s study of the Old Testament easier and hands on, so [they] created this Old Testament Timeline.” -DMT

To get the timeline & pieces you need to sign up for the Don’t Miss This Newsletter (they will be included in every email, all year):

I printed my timeline at Staples as a 24×36 Blueprint in Black & White for under $5 including tax:
and “mounted” it on my large magnet board with magnets.

I printed the pieces on cardstock paper, cut them out, and stored in an envelope which I’ve secured onto our board with magnets as well.

We’ll place the pieces on the timeline using our little magnet “push pins” which you can find on amazon here:

Here’s a look at our time line as of week 50 for Janet 💖

Don’t Miss This in the Old Testament || Exploring One Verse From (Almost) Every Chapter

“Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler… explore the significance of one verse from most chapters of the Old Testament, showing you how to dig deep and find personal application of God’s word. Paired with short, devotional-style lessons, their love for the scriptures and thought-provoking questions will lead you to a more meaningful study of the Old Testament and vibrant discussions with your family and friends. With just one short devotional at a time, you’ll complement your Come, Follow Me study of the Old Testament, discover additional stories and insights, and explore a common theme of deliverance, which is so timely for our lives today.” -DMT

*Deseret Book:

Stickers for the Old Testament || Best with Journal Edition Scriptures

“These colorful and versatile scripture stickers were created to complement your Don’t Miss This scripture study with Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler. Hand-drawn by Becky Higgins and made to fit the margins of your Deseret Book journal edition scriptures, these stickers will help you highlight key points from your study and encourage your own journaling. The sticker pages follow the 52-week study of the Old Testament. Three bonus pages of a variety of additional stickers to enhance your study and journaling are also included.” -DMT

*Deseret Book:

*Deseret Book:

Tip Ins for the Old Testament || Glue In Quick Reference Guides

“They are thin pieces of paper meant to be glued into the binding of your scriptures. Glue these scripture tips into your Old Testament so that in future years you will quickly remember what you studied. In this collection you will find 28 gospel study helps to be used as a resource as you study the Old Testament. Just drag the left-hand edge of each tip-in through a standard glue stick and then slide the tip-in as deep into the crease of the binding as you can. Close your Bible and allow it to dry for a bit. Now you have a permanent reminder of your study every time you turn to that chapter.” -DMT

Deseret Book:

*Deseret Book:


  • Robert Ernest Welty

    I’ve been trying to get the images for the timeline but can’t print them from the app. I have looked all over the website and can’t print them out. How do I get them?


    • Elaine Page

      Hello Robert!

      To get the timeline & pieces you need to sign up for the Don’t Miss This Newsletter (they will be included in every email, all year) which is found on Emily’s website NOT on the Don’t Miss This website. I have the direct link up above in this post, right under the timeline video as the first item in the “TIMELINE & PIECES” heading. I even give you some printing ideas.

      I know, weird! I combed the entire DMT website looking for it too and finally found it on Emily’s site.

      Good luck and happy studying!

    • Elaine Page

      I absolutely can! I’ve added an image of what ours looks like this very minute to the bottom of the Timeline section.

      We add the new week’s items each Monday but the last four pieces will be “Malachi” in the skinny vertical 51 spot, “Greece” in the larger right 51 spot, and “Rome” in the larger left 51 spot. Then the last large image will be 52. (The newsletters they email out each week has an image of the poster updated to include the week they are sending). I hope I’m not too late to help you out!

  • Kellie

    I am trying to find a reference to the color pictures on the timeline so that I can place them in my scriptures. I recognize Noah, Birth of the Savior, Abraham, etc., but don’t know all of them. Can you help?

    • Elaine Page

      That’s a great idea! We’re you subscribed to their newsletter all year? I would start with the blank version to write down what weeks to look into and then find those weeks and see if the newsletter has a description of where the picture comes from, if not then it will likely be in the video for the week of the image.

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