Complete Flip Through of the Science for Little Hearts and Hands Fields and Flowers Unit from TGTB

Fields and Flowers is the first unit in a BRAND NEW (Spring 2022) line of Science for littles from The Good and the Beautiful. Join Kiddo3 and I as we flip through every page of the unit for the very first time.

“With beautiful illustrations, captivating stories, hands-on activities, and engaging videos, Science for Little Hearts and Hands… is a gentle introduction to exploring God’s amazing creation. Learn about bees, trees, and so much more… Perfect for preschool to 2nd grade.” (quoted from their product page)

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The Good & The Beautiful offers Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool all the way through High School! Their mission is to make homeschooling beautiful, easy, and affordable.

Pick up this Science Unit today! *NOT AFFILIATED*

This unit is a great jumping off point for other Science Units from TGTB such as:

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