Homeschool Record Keeping When Your State Doesn’t Require It – Why, What, How

Ideas for tracking what is accomplished daily in different seasons of life plus what to do with all of the pictures you take on field trips, completed curriculum, and all of the beautiful things your kiddos create!

Video Chapters

0:00 Intro – WHY
0:55 Collab info
1:29 Year overview of curriculum
1:52 Daily work tracking intro
2:06 I started with a planner
2:24 Homemade tracking sheet with categories
2:56 Detailed Checklist
3:20 Back to a planner
3:57 Experiences/activities/field trips – things you take pictures of
5:11 Completed individual curriculum
5:56 Art/crafts – their creations
7:22 Completed group subject curriculum

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