Capable Kids Planner from The Page Company

Come along with Kiddo2 and I as we go through her new Capable Kids Planner from The Page Company for the first time and share how we’ll keep track of the pages she’ll need to access regularly.

“This is not your average planner, calendar, or notebook. If you’re tired of fighting with your kids about chores, screentime, or homework, you need this. It will help you work together to set goals, get organized, and enjoy more quality time as a family! Use this planner daily, and before you know it, all the chaos in your home will turn to calm. You’ll feel more confident as a parent, and your kids will feel more capable of taking the lead on SO many new things. Together, you will:

  • Set up weekly blocks to organize each day and fit in time for all the most important things!
  • Use a daily checklist to stay motivated and keep track of chores, schoolwork, goals, and more.
  • Fill in a dream board and decide on short-term and long-term goals.
  • Track water intake, reading habits, allowance, spending, and SO much more.”
    (quoted from their product page)

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If you want to see a QUICK version of the full flip through here’s a short I made. (for some reason I can’t embed the short)

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